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Damn u rocksteady.........hands down the catwoman wins bruce's heart.....already said that in Ho HPre-Flashpoint it used to be Catwoman but the reboot destroyed the whole of their character development together (in particular Hush and the entire Dini run). But your right best Wonder Woman for a Bat Wonder romance is Pre52. Hush strikes Batman through his "heart" and guess who that heart is. One of the clearest moments in Batman where he explicitly tells Selina that he loves her.

That being said, Talia has pretty much been in full heel mode for the past eight years so it is not going to favour her in any way. More than SM/WW and Bat/cat but less than Bat/Zee or Bat/Talia. ---------------------------Bruce Wayne: The Road Home. Just a set up for those that don't know, this takes place after the Infinite Crisis where Batman is assumed dead.

She is the one that he loves most and is meant to be with.

Unlike Talia who loves him for his mission, for what he represents, and his "seed" to continue her father's legacy, Selina loves him for who he is.

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Before the game came out I wondered why they picked Tim as Robin and not Damian (seeing as I would've expected DC would want to let people know more about him as he is the current Robin) but with Talia's involvement in the game I could wee where having Damian would have been a bit tricky.i was sooooo mad about her lack of presence in the game......made it seem like she had a huge ads..magazines etc....catwoman and batman posted in a picture and they would always say something about their 'complicated' get the game and play it and wonder why the hell is Talia in this game more than catwoman..........

Sounds like a crazy idea but of course Mark Waid and Leinil Yu will be the ones to make it work.

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I don't like the New 52 WW though, If it had been Pre-N52 WW I'd be on board with this. This story takes place when he returns, as he takes notes on those he left behind and slowly reveals himself. "If there exists such a thing as longing, for two hearts beating across time, space, and dimension, then perhaps she helped provide a beacon. Someone to come back to."-------I could go on for quite some time, because there are many soft moments between the Bat and Cat, but I feel as though it is unnecessary. She is very much like him and thus understands him better than anyone else, especially Talia, ever could.

I find this match up interesting, Princess and Knight, Goddess and Man, Angel and Monster, Truth and Lies, Light meets Dark. Across many arcs, and even spanning into the New 52, Catwoman is the other half of the Batman.

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