Nokia 6500 updating issues Adult rated chat rooms

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The phone is also pretty solid, with its brushed steel jacket, but it can get pretty sweaty in your hands on a hot day.

Putting in a new SIM card is an experience, and you may need to consult the manual on first try.

It's an understated but elegant sliver of a design that avoids the flash attention grabbing of the Nokia 7500 Prism and the wallet-bruising price tag of the Nokia 8800 series.

Video calls and videoconferencing are back on track to make up for a prominent absence in 6500 classic.

Its spread of features includes a music player onboard to take advantage of that 1GB of track storage space, and a 2-megapixel camera with video recording function.

The 6500 Classic's 1GB of onboard memory can't be increased by adding a memory card, however; the 6500 Classic doesn't have a Micro SD card expansion slot that's now virtually standard issue across Nokia's mid-range handsets.

That's a shame, as Micro SDs are now such a cheap and convenient way of adding extra storage (2GB cards are widely available for under £15).

Logic might suggest that the Nokia 6500 slide is simply a sliderphone version of Nokia's 6500 classic candybar phone, but who gives a stuff about logic?

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