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In what's thought to be the first conviction of its kind, a Canadian court recently found two parents guilty of taking their 13-year-old daughter across the border for a sexual purpose when she was forced to marry Warren Jeffs, as their Canadian sect leader alone has 145 children with 27 wives.British Colombia Supreme Court Justice Paul Pearlman ruled Friday that former husband and wife Brandon J.Here is a brief account of the some of the largest harems in history and the rulers who owned them.Welcome to the largest collection of Islamic marriage and family articles on the web.

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But when she scratched beneath the surface, what she found was a very different picture - of resentment, jealousy and bitterness...

At first glance, it is a scene of utterly normal domestic chaos.

There's washing to be done, the children are running around outside, and Dad has come home from work in a terrible mood.

Martha has her arm around her husband Moroni and is clucking like an indulgent hen as she tries to coax him into a better temper.

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