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She takes pride in her womanly shape and knows that» view Sarah Vandella has eye-popping curves and she chooses nothing but the best ways to put her awesome shape on display.

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Sarah Vandella or Sarah Sloane, who’s your favorite? Originally from Hauppauge, New York, Sarah headed down to Nevada to try her hand at working as an escort.

The curvy blonde gives a flirty gaze in your direction and then steams up the moment by hiking up her skirt» view Sarah Vandella sheds her bright bikini to show off her curvy body.

Watching the frisky blonde parade that hot body of hers around while tugging at her swimsuit is captivating.

She claims she sets her goals and works as hard as she can not to disappoint her fans.

Still, she says she loves sex and would never work in another industry When Sarah is off set she likes to take it easy.

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