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This invention relates to oral products, more particularly oral hygiene products which comprise a therapeutic agent.

The invention will be described with particular reference to its application to the use of fluorine-containing therapeutic agents for combating dental caries.

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Results: Within a scenario of low levels of caries overall, few children had multiple surfaces progressing.Water systems are considered naturally fluoridated when the natural level of fluoride is greater than 0.7 milligrams per liter (mg/L).When a water system adjusts the level of fluoride to 0.7 mg/L or greater it is referred to as water fluoridation. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set both the maximum contaminant level (MCL) and the maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) for fluoride to 4.0 mg/L.Thousands of studies have been conducted over the past 60 years to establish and confirm fluoride's benefits.Water fluoridation is recognized as a major public health achievement of the 20th century by the CDC.

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